General Meeting – August 21

Just a reminder that our general meeting of The WolfPack, Chicago Wolves Booster Club will be meeting on Tuesday, August 21st at Buona in Rosemont at 7pm. Elections will be held for the open board positions. Please come join us for our meeting!

To view the open positions, and nominated candidates, please click below.

Executive Board Nominee – Katherine Karlin – Unopposed
Hi, I am Katherine Karlin, this is my second year as a Chicago Wolves season ticket holder. I have been coming to Wolfpack meetings for three years now. I am running for the executive board position. My relative experience is from when I was in college, where I the president of the Block and Bridal Club, an equestrian based club. As president, I organized fundraisers and coordinated organizations and sponsors for the club. If you elect me, I will use my experience to help the club. Thank you very much!

Recording Secretary Nominee – Josh Pifke – Unopposed
My name is Josh Pifke and I seek election for the position of Recording Secretary for the Wolfpack Booster Club. I have been involved in various booster club events since 2005 and have been on the executive board for the last five years as executive board member, recording secretary, vice president, and most recently returned to recording secretary. If elected, I will continue to represent the Booster Club with the same respect I have since becoming more involved in the Booster Club years ago.

Corresponding Secretary Nominee – Samantha Diryawish – Unapposed
I am Samantha Diryawish, and I am running for the Corresponding Secretary position. I am looking forward to being elected to the board for the corresponding secretary position so I can help the club continue to be the fun club it has been.

Membership Secretary Nomination (Special election for remaining year of position) – Joe Dean – Unapposed
I am Joe Dean, and I am running for the Membership Secretary position. It’s my first year coming to Wolfpack meetings, but it’s my second year as a Wolves season ticket holder and fifth year going to games. I would like to help the club out by running for the vacated Membership Secretary position, and I look forward to the challenge of the position.

Vice President Nominee – Megan Goebel – Unapposed
Hi! My name is Megan Goebel. I am seeking election for the position of Vice President. I have been attending Wolves games for over 20 years, season ticket holder for 15 years, and I have been involved on the board of the Wolfpack Booster Club since 2008. I have held various board positions over the years: corresponding secretary, executive board, corresponding secretary, vice president, and corresponding secretary. I am looking forward to continuing to make the club a fun place to be and to continue to work with the club.

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